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Des Bishop: Breaking China


This six part series follows the adventures of Irish-American writer and comedian Des Bishop as he moves to China for a year in order to learn Mandarin and eventually attempt to perform a one-man stand up comedy show for a Chinese audience.


Crossing the Line Films

IFTA Nominated – Editing

Then Comes Marriage?


A fun and practical show that gives three couples the opportunity to prepare for their future life together at the ultimate relationship skills crash course. This pre-marriage bootcamp tackles everything from personal finances to family planning.


Independent Pictures

The West's Awake


The West's Awake is an exclusive fly on the wall documentary which tells the story of Connacht Rugby’s inaugural Heineken Cup journey as they strive to compete against the cream of European Rugby in the face of overwhelming odds. It tells a story not only about rugby but about passion, culture, community and a sense of belonging.​


Iris Productions

IFTA Nominated – Editing & Sound

Dave Gallagher The Donegal All Black


This Feature length documentary narrated by Sam Neill tells the inspiring story of Dave Gallagher, the first captain of the All Blacks who came from Donegal. It features All Blacks Ritchie McCaw, Anton Oliver, Tana Umaga and former World Cup winning coach Sir Graham Henry.


Midas Productions




Des Bishop: My Dad Was Nearly James Bond


This one-off documentary tells the deeply personal tale of Comedian Des Bishops father, Mike, who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Inspired by his father’s illness, the impact it has had on the Bishop family and their sense of humour in dealing with it, this documentary follows Des as he develops his latest internationally-acclaimed stand up show My Dad Was Nearly James Bond.


Peer Pressure


What Have The Brits Ever Done For Us?


The relationship between Ireland and Britain is a long one. It’s also a very tricky one. While acknowledging this, this authored documentary shines a light on our national blind spot when it comes to our relationship with Britain and the influence it has had on our development as a society and country. David McWilliams highlights the uniquely complex relationship between Ireland and its closest neighbour in a provocative, entertaining and intelligent way.


Firebrand Productions


Small World


A travel documentary series that tells international stories with an Irish twist. The films, created by some of Ireland’s most acclaimed directors, unearth fascinating people and places that have unlikely and unmistakable links to Ireland.




Bring Back Bosco


This three part series takes a nostalgic look at the history of childrens' television programmes, featuring archive clips and experiments in which youngsters are shown episodes of old programmes to see if there would be a modern audience for the likes of Bosco.


Gable End Media


Pride of the Parish


To celebrate 125 years of the GAA Pride of the Parish, a six part documentary series, offers snap shots of six very different clubs and the local passions that keep Gaelic Games alight. It captures the essence of the Association’s unique place within every community in the country.



IFTA Nominated - Sports  Programme




Ireland's most enthusiastic amateur chefs go head-to-head in the kitchen-trial of their lives. Our flustered amateurs flambé, quenelle, dice and dish for paying punters in a very real restaurant under the watchful eyes of two of our most competitive celebrity chefs - Kevin Thornton and Kevin Dundon.




Welcome To My World


A popular travel series in which immigrants invite an Irish friend, family member or colleague to accompany them back on a visit to their homeland. Welcome To My World offers viewers an entertaining journey to an exotic destination, narrated by two very different accents and informed by two very different perspectives.



IFTA Nominated - Factual  Programme


In the Name of the Fada


Comedian and Native New Yorker, Des Bishop moved to Ireland in his mid-teens in 1990, thereby being exempt from learning Irish at school. In this six part series his challenge is to learn how to speak ‘as gaelige’. This is Des’s most difficult challenge yet as he moves to Connemara’s Gaeltacht for 11 months with the aim of performing an entire gig in Irish.


Peer Pressure

IFTA Winner - Factual  Programme & Irish Language Programme

Celtic Media Festival Winner – Factual Entertainment Programme


Born Addicted


Every year more than 130 babies are born in Ireland addicted to heroin or methadone. From the minute they are born, these babies are treated with methadone to ease their withdrawal symptoms. Born Addicted explores this issue from all angles: we talk to the doctors, the parents, and children who have grown through this process to adulthood.


Midas Productions




Every weekend Carrick-On-Shannon is besieged with an influx of likely lads and good time gals, determined to show their brides and grooms a good time. The Leitrim town has quickly become the unofficial stag & hen capital of the country. Over the course of one hectic weekend we join the mayhem as we follow three groups of hens and stages. Carrick-On-Stag is a bawdy yet life affirming insight into the stag & hen scene in the Vegas of Leitrim, Carrick-On-Shannon.




Tracks and Trails


Originally from Dublin, Steve Wickham has been living in Sligo for 20 years. Best known for his fiddle playing in the band The Waterboys, when he’s not touring or recording Steve and his wife Heidi spend their time exploring the many tracks and trails of county Sligo.


Sherwin Media

Ireland's Sulky Racers


Scorned by media and the mainstream, Ireland’s Sulky Racers care deeply about their ‘coloured’ horses; nevertheless they race on the wild side, illegally, on Sundays at dawn, on dual carriageways blocked off to traffic. These passionate horsemen race their light-weight traps  - sulkies - at startling speeds. When one owner challenges another, his horse’s reputation is at stake. So too are thousands of Euro. The sport and the personalities that drive it have never before been the subject of a documentary. Until now. Ireland’s Sulky Racers offers a unique insight into this fascinating sub-culture.

Midas Productions

Celtic Media Festival Nominated – Sports Documentary

Luke Kelly - Prince of the City


Luke Kelly is considered Ireland’s greatest folk singer, who, had he lived, would have celebrated his 76th birthday this year. Luke’s legacy as an unrivaled collector and interpreter of song is explored in this fascinating documentary. It utilises RTE’s Library alongside rare material from The Dubliners private archive collection, while a selection of today’s music stars, including Imelda May, Glen Hansard and Kodaline’s Jason Boland consider the quintessential Dubliner’s celebrated life, his colourful times and untimely death. The programme also features stirring versions of Luke’s best loved songs as performed by John Sheahan, Declan O’Rourke and Damien Dempsey, aka The New Triangle.




Emigration Nation


From the dead heat of East Africa to the tropics of the Caribbean, from the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to New Zealand’s scenic coastline Emigration Nation follows the Irish diaspora to all corners of the globe, and celebrates their successes abroad. In this six-part series we showcase the stories of some of Ireland’s most interesting emigrants. Featured is a northerner who finds himself in the enviable position of being the world’s youngest international football manager, the brains behind the US Olympic boxing team and a Barbados IVF clinic with a Corkonian founder.



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