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“I have known and worked consistently with Zaini Darragh for almost twenty years and would rate him among the most talented editors I know.  On top of his ability to make the most of any material, he also brings utter professionalism and a very warm personality to any team that he joins. His pedigree comes highly recommended from the Loosehorse stables.”


Cormac Hargaden, Loosehorse




Zaini Darragh is a highly talented, innovative and creative editor. He is also a delight to work with - friendly, easy going but completely focused and dedicated to the task at hand. Extremely hard working, his impeccable sense in the edit of timing, humour and emotion meant we were always confident of our rushes material in his hands and what the end result would be.


John Murray, Crossing the Line Films


When I first met Zaini it was first thing on a Monday morning, on a new job and he was already sitting at his desk logging the new material. At first glance it was like an editor making a good first impression; What I would soon learn however is that this is the man's character: dedication to the task at hand and on top of that no shortage of creative input. Since that first project we have worked together on a wide variety of productions picking up a number of Iftas along the way. 


No matter the gig, Zaini’s focus is always to get the very best for the story. The world of editing and post-production can be a hugely inspiring place - seeing the raw footage and small pictures build and grow into an exciting and (hopefully) intelligent story. But as well as being a creative space it is also a place of work and business and as such it is important to have colleagues and friends who can create an atmosphere that deals with the inevitable pressures of last minute demands in the midst of rapidly approaching deadlines.


I’d be delighted to recommend Zaini to cut and command any project - even if it’s in Chinese!


Pat Comer, Director of Des Bishop Breaking China, In the Name of the Fada and My Dad was Nearly James Bond


“Every project has competing interests with respect to resources. As a producer you want to know that the edit will be delivered on time and to budget. As a director you want an editor who understands the vision but can also bring their own creative talent to the table. You want someone who will be a collaborative partner in the creative process. I have had the pleasure of working with Zaini from both perspectives and I value his contributions to Iris Productions documentary projects very highly.

Zaini is a consummate professional who brings a natural storyteller’s sensibility to the projects he works on. He is my first choice editor when I am fortunate enough to be able to secure him for a project and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”


Kieran Hartigan, Iris Productions


I have worked with Zaini on several projects, great editor and a joy to work with. He used to have hair too.


Mark Warren, Firebrand Productions

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